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International Youth Business Competition

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Economics and business plays an important role in our daily economic life. IYSA believes that the field of economics and business can also be one of the categories that we can compete in making projects related to problems that occur in the global world today and also their solutions.

Therefore, our Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) Indonesia will hold an international-level Invention competition special for Business and Economics field called “International Youth Business Competition" as the right learning platform to train students in deep-learning skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, innovation, and problem solving.

Indonesian Young Scientists Association (IYSA) is an institution that moves on the development of the potential, talents and creativity of the Indonesian students by providing opportunities for Indonesian students on competition and non scientific competition domestically or abroad.

Therefore IYSA stands as a form of our deep concern provide opportunities for Indonesian students specifically, in order to bring up potential and the skills needed and soul-building competition in them selves. We do this to create improvements in life. Because, we believe that every student has potential which can be developed.

Since its inception, IYSA has been active in a variety of ways activities that can be affiliated with a lot countries like: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, India, Taiwan, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Abu Dhabi and others.