News - UNSOED Delegation Wins Gold Medal at IYBC 2023

UNSOED Delegation Wins Gold Medal at IYBC 2023

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Another proud achievement was presented by students of Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed) at the international level. This time the International Youth Business Competition (IYBC) 2023 is held. At the event, the team consisting of Agung Prasetyo (Management 2021), Uut Ela Triana (Food Technology 2020), Jalalludin (Animal Husbandry 2020), and Aqilah Rahma A. (Food Technology 2021) won a Gold Medal in the Business Information category. These four team members are also members of UKMPR (Student Activity Unit for Reasoning and Research) Unsoed.

Agung said IYBC is a competition in the field of business, which this time is organized by the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA). Followed by 64 teams from 6 countries, namely Vietnam, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. There are a number of categories at IYBC, namely Economic Research, Business Informatics, International Business, Bank &; Financial Management, Entrepreneurship, Management & Marketing.

"This competition aims to hone the ability to explore business innovation in these 6 categories. This achievement is obtained as proof that Unsoed students are able to compete with international students so that they can motivate Unsoed students to dare to excel in the international arena, "he said.

The title displayed is " Tutor Finder Application". According to him, this is an application to accommodate friends who want to be tutors, such as tutors to elementary, junior high, high school children to students who want private and group lessons. "With this application users can choose their own tutor", he explained.In this online competition, the process begins with submitting papers on March 19, 2023, then continues with presentations on April 3, 2023 for 15 minutes consisting of 7 minutes for presentations, and 8 minutes for questions and answers. While the announcement of the results will be on April 5, 2023.

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